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How Rx Synchronization Optimizes Your Care Plans

How Rx Synchronization Optimizes Your Care Plans

Rx synchronization, also called med sync, is one of the many services you can enjoy at our pharmacy in Huntersville, North Carolina. It is a service that allows patients to leverage their relationship with their pharmacy providers to maximize their medication plans.

Many physicians recommend that their patients discuss Rx synchronization with their pharmacy of choice because of that. But how exactly is this accomplished?

As an independent pharmacy, we are well-versed with Rx synchronization and how it helps patients like you. We offer the following services to achieve optimal med syncing:

  • Prescription Refills
    This service makes preparing prescription orders much easier for patients. Refill orders are prepared beforehand at scheduled times. This removes much of the hassle of ordering refills as well as reduces the risk of missed or discontinued prescriptions. The patient will only have to pick up their orders when they stop by.
  • Prescription Transfers
    For some patients who have moved in from a different pharmacy, it can be difficult to continue their previous prescription plan. But with prescription transfers, they don’t have to struggle with finding the medication plan that worked for them. All they have to do is provide key patient information and their prescription numbers, leaving the rest to our trustworthy staff.
  • Specialty Packaging
    At our retail pharmacy in North Carolina, we work to reduce the complexity of medication schedules and dosages. Special packaging helps by organizing medication in sets for easier monitoring and tracking.

All these services make the process of managing prescriptions much more convenient for patients. These empower them in making healthcare decisions that meet their unique needs. This is the essential reason behind the usefulness of Rx synchronization.

You can experience the benefits of this service now. Just visit Lakeside Pharmacy and talk to us!

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