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The Common Denominator of Branded and Generic Medicine

The Common Denominator of Branded and Generic Medicine

Having medication maintenance can be hard because medicines prescribed by the doctors seemed to be very expensive. It is always that worrying feeling when we go to the pharmacy to check out the medicines prescribed for us. However, the good thing nowadays, there are generic medicines that are an excellent alternative to the branded ones.

Being an independent pharmacy in North Carolina, the following are our attestations as to the effectiveness and worthiness of generic and branded medicines. Here are the common characteristics between a medicine that is generic and those with a brand name.

  • both are safe
  • offers the same level of effectivity
  • despite being generic, it does not mean it is not high quality.

In addition, said medicines have similar active ingredients, and both offer the same benefits and strength. But before deciding on your choice, explore first the better options, and talking to a reliable pharmacist is an excellent help. They can guide you to the right medicine, and of course, they can also communicate with your doctor. Lakeside Pharmacy offers reliable consultation in terms of your medication and long-term care.

Aside from the consultation, as a retail pharmacy in Huntersville, North Carolina, we can be your partner in aiming for your improved therapeutic health and medications. Among the services we offer are our availability of hard-to-find drugs in the commercial market. We are also providing a variety of diabetic supplies and compression stockings.

To know more about the wide array of services we offer, explore more here on our website. If you got any queries, reach us through the contact provided. We can deliver your medicines to your doorstep.

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