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The Never-Ending Itchy Flares – Eczema Treatment

The Never-Ending Itchy Flares - Eczema Treatment

As a pharmacy in North Carolina, we are familiar with people suffering from atopic dermatitis or eczema. Although symptoms vary, they usually go through the same never-ending flares of itching, red patches, dry and inflamed skin.

Apparently, there is no proven cure for eczema but there are ways to control and prevent the eczema flares. Here are some eczema medication and treatment you can probably look for in your local retail pharmacy as listed by the National Eczema Association:

  • Topical treatment
    • Corticosteroids – relieves itching and inflammation; may help with dryness depending on emollient.
    • Calcineurin inhibitors – reduces inflammation, improves itching, and combats drying in ointment formulation.
    • Antimicrobials and antiseptics – reduces bacterial infection on the skin.
  • Phototherapy

    Several sessions of controlled delivery of ultraviolet (UV) light for anti-inflammatory purposes

  • Oral medication
    • Antibiotics – can be helpful in the presence of a Staph infection; alleviate oozing and painful skin.
    • Antihistamines – induce sleep and reduce stress from the loss of sleep; helps with hives.
    • Anti-inflammatory medicine – for patients that don’t respond to topical regimens and topical steroids.

Eczema varies from one person to another. Make sure to consult your dermatologist regarding what form of treatment is suited for your condition.

Our independent pharmacy in Huntersville, North Carolina can assist you with getting your medication or treatment. Just look for Lakeside Pharmacy. Other than offering products and services, our team can provide you with assistance with your pharmaceutical needs and help you get better.

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