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Do You Need a COVID and Flu Test?

The symptoms of COVID-19 share similarities with many viral infections, such as fever or chills, fatigue, headache, and sore throat. Other symptoms include:

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Runny or congested nose
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

If you experience the said symptoms, we advise you to consider taking a COVID and flu test. Lakeside Pharmacy offers COVID flu tests in Huntersville to identify the infection of COVID-19 or influenza A or B.

What Is a COVID and Flu Test?

A COVID and flu test, also known as a combo test, is a diagnostic test that eliminates the need for multiple tests to rule out each virus separately. It simplifies the testing process into a dual test and provides patients experiencing similar symptoms of COVID and flu an accurate diagnosis of the illness. Results are available in 1-2 days, which allows healthcare providers to help you take appropriate steps to control the spread of the viruses.

What to Expect with the Test?

The test is used for active infections only, so it is not recommended for patients who have not yet developed any symptoms. Upon the test, a healthcare provider will collect a nasal swab sample gently by inserting a long swab into your nostril and moving it around to collect a sample from the back of the nose’s secretions. It will then be processed in the laboratory to detect the presence of any viruses from COVID-29 and influenza A and B. If you receive a positive test result, your healthcare provider will advise you on the appropriate steps to take to treat your illness.

Prepare to isolate yourself should you be COVID-19 positive. Your healthcare provider will provide you with medications and supplements as necessary. Additionally, you should drink enough fluids, get plenty of rest, and take fever relievers to manage your symptoms. If you are positive for the flu, your provider may prescribe you antiviral drugs. You will also be advised to rest and stay hydrated during your treatment.

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