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4 Benefits You Get from Special Packaging


Have you ever heard of special packaging? No? Well, you’re missing out on something great!

Specially packed medications do more than just transfer your pills from the bottle unto a foil pack. With this nifty service, you can actually have your medicine sorted by the day or week that you’re advised to take them. But that’s not all special packaging has to offer you either!

To help you understand special packaging better, Lakeside Pharmacy has brought together a short list of benefits that should convince you to try out this service.

You should consider getting your medications specially packed because…

  1. It helps you to improve your medication compliance

    On a scale of one to ten, how high would you rate yourself when it comes to following with your prescription? If you’re able to stay on top of all the medicine you need to take in a day, then good for you. But unfortunately, not a lot of people are able to easily keep track of the pills that they need to ingest. If you’re more of the latter, then getting your medication specially packed will be a great advantage to you. Just think about it. All you will need to do is tear open the designated bubble or packet for the day and you’re good to go!

  2. It helps you to take your medication without any hassle

    Do you still set some time off of your day just to organize the pills you need to take? It’s a bit troublesome, isn’t it? Well, you can actually make better use of the minutes you spend organizing your pills. How? Easy! By getting special packaging as a part of the Pharmaceutical Services that you receive on the regular!

  3. It helps you to lighten your bag

    Pill bottles don’t just add extra weight to your bag, but they also take up space at the same time. And when you’re always out traveling, saving space in your luggage becomes crucial. Switch out your pill bottles for special packaging instead! With it, you can simply slide the card into your wallet or vanity kit. And best of all, this packaging can protect your pills from getting damaged or crushed while you’re traveling en route.

  4. It helps you to prevent your medication from deteriorating

    Did you ever have a time when you needed to take some medicine only to find that the pill bottle was left partially open? Upon further inspection, you probably even noticed that the remaining tablets inside have already undergone some chemical reaction due to exposure with moisture in the air. But with special packaging that wouldn’t happen! All your medication will be sealed in a durable bubble pack which will keep your pills in good condition right to the time when you have to take them.

You don’t need to look far and wide for a Pharmacy in Huntersville, North Carolina that offers special packaging. Just give us a call.

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