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6 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Medication Checked

6 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Medication Checked

In a day, how many meds do you take? Whether your daily dose may be a combination of supplements, antibiotics, or other prescription medications, one thing remains for certain. You need to have your medication checked when…

  1. You are prescribed with a variety of pills
    The more medications you take, the more confusing it can get to manage them altogether. Thankfully, there are several options in which you can tackle this problem. One, is by consulting with your doctor so that they can remove a pill from your medication plan to make it simpler. Or two, you can have your prescription sorted and specially packed by Lakeside Pharmacy.
  2. You are experiencing certain side effects
    Do you feel nauseous or experience a rise in temperature? Even minor side effects such as these should be reported to your physician as they may indicate that your current prescription may be in need of some adjustments. Don’t hesitate to discuss with your doctor about it. Once you have your new prescription at the ready, you can easily have a Pharmacy in Huntersville, North Carolina prepare it for you.
  3. You are guilty of self-prescribing
    Did you know that you can now easily get a hold of medications that were once only available via a prescription from the doctor? Several anti-allergy meds and drugs that are used to treat heartburn are an example of this. With that in mind, it would be wise for you to always check in with your doctor or pharmacist ahead before taking over-the-counter medications. Remember, a little effort goes a long way!
  4. You are currently in recovery after being hospitalized
    Have you been instructed to continue the medication that you have been taking while you were admitted? Getting your prescription checked even if you have already been discharged from the hospital is important as it can help your doctors see if our current treatment plan is working or if it would need certain changes. If you find yourself in need of a Specialty pharmacy, you can count on us to give you the medication that you need.
  5. You are seeing different doctors
    Do you have several specialists working on your case? Then that’s all the more reason why you should have your medication reviewed on the regular. Contrary to popular belief, not all your doctors are always aware of what the others may prescribe you with. But by checking in with them about your medication as often as possible, you can enjoy a much more efficient treatment plan and a swifter recovery too.
  6. You are suffering from uncontrolled symptoms
    Have you been taking your medications for some time, yet noticed that your predicament hasn’t been improving? That’s a sure sign that you should have your prescription reviewed by your healthcare provider. They can reevaluate the drugs that you are taking and refer you with a better option if necessary.

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