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Handling Your Medications Properly: A Basic Guide


Keeping your medications safe is critical for your overall health, but how do you properly handle and store your drugs?

If your physician prescribes medications from an independent pharmacy, do not forget to ask how to store them safely. Your pharmacist can also help.

While most specific medications vary in storage processes, below are some general tips to keep your medicines safe:

  • Keep drugs in a cool and dry place.
  • Secure a storage box or place your pills on a high shelf
  • Do not transfer your medicines to other containers,
  • Do not forget to remove the cotton from the medicine bottle.

According to the National Council on Patient Information and Education, storing all your medical supplies in Huntersville, North Carolina in one place and creating an inventory will help you monitor all your pills, tablets, vitamins, etc.

To ensure whether the drugs are still safe or you need refill services, do these simple steps:

  • Read the expiration dates.
  • Throw away old or expired medicines.
  • Check the medicine’s color, texture, and smell. Don’t use them if they have changed.
  • Avoid taking pills that are harder or softer than usual, cracked or chipped, and stick together.

Lakeside Pharmacy offers high-quality pharmaceutical services in North Carolina. We want to promote better lives and provide you with all you need in one shop. With the help of our team, we keep our products safe, so we can deliver our services with excellence as we promised. Contact us at 980-441-8600 for more information today.

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