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Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Diabetes


Are you at a higher risk of diabetes? Do you want to avoid the complications of diabetes to lessen your need for diabetic supplies? Although some factors are out of your control, you can still focus on other factors, such as your lifestyle. But where do you begin? Read more below.

  • Lose the extra pounds.

    The American Diabetes Association recommends reducing 7% to 10% of body weight to prevent diabetes complications, especially for people with prediabetes. If you are diagnosed with prediabetes, it’s vital to secure medical supplies in Huntersville, North Carolina, to ensure you have the right equipment to monitor your weight and blood sugar, among others.

  • Increase physical activities.

    Regular exercise is crucial in losing weight, lowering blood sugar, and boosting sensitivity to insulin, keeping your blood sugar in a normal range. If your loved ones are taking diabetes medications from a pharmacy, it’s essential that on top of exercising, they are also taking their medications.

  • Add plant foods to your diet.

    Add tomatoes, peppers, leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, chickpeas, and lentils, to your daily plate. When purchasing your diabetic pills, ask your pharmacists at an independent pharmacy whether there are certain foods you shouldn’t eat or avoid when taking your medications. Plant foods are generally healthy, but there’s nothing to lose if you ask a professional.

Are you looking for pharmaceutical services in North Carolina? Lakeside Pharmacy is here for you! We understand that diabetes requires special medical attention, and monitoring blood sugar levels is a critical part of the job. Get your high-quality and durable diabetic care supplies from us! Contact us at 980-441-8600 today.

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