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How to Observe Medication Safety at Home

How to Observe Medication Safety at Home

When our aging loved ones are taking medicines, they will most likely need reminding and assistance, especially if they are taking more than one medicine in a day. There are medication practices that need to be observed so that your loved one’s safety can be promoted.

As a Pharmacy in Huntersville, North Carolina, we would like to share the following important recommendations on how you can make medications safe in your very own home.

  • Cooperate with the Healthcare Team

    This team is composed of the patient’s doctor, nurses, pharmacist, and yes, themselves and their family members. It is important that the patient will follow the instructions about their prescriptions, so they can be mindful of the correctness of the medicines they’re taking. If you have questions about your medicines, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist in our Retail Pharmacy in North Carolina.

  • Adhere to Instructions

    When a doctor prescribes the medications, they will always include the dosage instructions, as well as the frequency of this intake. These instructions need to be adhered because the risks of over-dosage or under-dosage are real when the instructions are not complied with.

  • Read Medicine Labels

    It is a very safe practice to always read medicine labels before leaving the pharmacy and before taking the medicine. Reading the labels helps ensure that you are getting the correct medication and not something else. When the texts have fine prints, request the pharmacist in a Specialty pharmacy to increase the text fonts so you can read clearly.

  • Maintain a Medication List

    Another safe practice is to maintain your list of medication so that you will have a reference of which ones have worked in the past and which ones resulted to some side effects. This list can also be your doctor’s guide when they make their prescriptions in the follow-up checkups.

  • Take Only the Medications You’re Prescribed

    It is a very unsafe practice when you self-diagnose and take the medicines of your family members for feeling the same symptoms. Every person has unique health reactions, so they also need to be given medications in a way that is unique to their conditions. Only take the prescribed medicines that are addressed to you.

  • Practice Safe Storage

    At home, it is crucial that your store your medicines properly. Some medicines can be easily affected by moisture and heat, which consequently affects their potency. If you’re not mindful of their storage, you might take impotent medicines, which can result to health complications. Most medications can be stored in room temperature. However, to be safe, refer to the instructions on the label.

  • Talk to your Pharmacist

    A Pharmaceutical Services provider is able to answer your questions if you have concerns or clarifications about your medicines. Don’t hesitate to approach them if you have further questions.

How are you handling your medication goals? At Lakeside Pharmacy, you have an extension of your healthcare team to attain your health goals.

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