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Mask Etiquette: The Standards of Double-Masking

Mask Etiquette: The Standards of Double-Masking

Masks have become a staple for our everyday activities. They are essential tools that keep us safe from the COVID-19 virus.

Since the height of the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised everyone to wear masks, especially in public places. Face masks, which can be found at any retail pharmacy in Huntersville, North Carolina, are proven to lessen virus transmissions caused by droplets by creating a barrier that prevents the droplets to transfer to another person.

Approved masks safe for everyday use are 3-ply masks, fabric masks, and specialized masks, such as the N95, KN94, and KF94. These can all be found at any local pharmacy. However, these masks have varying effectiveness, with fabric masks having the lowest effectivity rate.

As such, experts advise double-masking to increase protection. These are preferred if you don’t have access to specialized masks.

Double-masking means wearing a 3-ply mask underneath a fabric one. Medical experts do not encourage wearing fabric masks alone since the virus can still penetrate. Wearing a 3-ply mask underneath gives you the assurance that droplets can still be blocked.

Here are some tips for effective masking:

  • Ensure that the mask fits snugly on your face. There should be no gaps.
  • Do not combine 2 disposable masks.
  • Only use one N95 or KN95 mask at a time.
  • Knot the ear loops of a 3-ply face mask where they join the edge of the mask.
  • Fold and tuck the unneeded material under the edges.

These steps are crucial to keeping ourselves and those around us safe from the virus. Let us do our part in mitigating COVID-19 effects.

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