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People Who Need Compression Stockings

Socks do much more than just keep our feet warm. There are specialized pairs used to provide comfort and support for people in certain occupations or health conditions.

These types of socks are known as ‘compression socks.’ They are worn to apply pressure on the patient’s legs and ankles. But who uses them? Lakeside Pharmacy is here to talk about that.

  • Pregnant women
    Pregnant women struggle with swelling in their feet, especially during the mornings. Many doctors prescribe compression stockings to expecting mothers to help prevent swelling.
    Compression socks are pretty easy to come by. You can visit almost any pharmacy in your area and find a few pairs of them in the racks.
  • Athletes
    Another benefit of compression socks is improved blood flow. That is why athletes are also some of the biggest customers for compression socks. They wear them during practice, competitions, or put them own to help with their post-workout recovery.
    These socks don’t even have to come from a famous brand. Most compression socks you find at your local independent pharmacy in North Carolina will do the job just fine.
  • Airplane passengers
    Vein thrombosis and blood clots are real things. This is why many people make trips to their nearest retail pharmacy in Huntersville, North Carolina just to pick up some compression socks for their flights.
    Passengers wear it, and so do flight stewards and stewardesses. Even airplane pilots keep a few pairs in their suitcases.

If you’re curious about compression socks, get a pair. They are inexpensive, comfortable, and have a ton of health benefits that you can enjoy when wearing them.

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