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What Do Compression Stockings Do?


You may have heard of compression stockings if you are in an occupation that requires you to spend hours on your feet. Perhaps you have seen them offered at your local pharmacy, but what do compression stockings actually do?

Compression stockings are snug-fitting socks that gently squeeze your leg to help with your blood flow. There are different types, including graduated compression or pressure stockings, which are tighter around the ankle and looser as it moves up your leg. There are also compression sleeves which are just a tube without the foot.

With the use of compression stockings, your veins get a boost pushing blood back to the heart. It also helps arteries relax so the blood flows freely. This helps prevent your legs from getting tired and achy or reduce swelling. They keep the blood moving freely instead of pooling in your veins and making a clot.

We offer these at our retail pharmacy in Huntersville, North Carolina to help the following people:

  • those with or are at risk of circulation problems such as varicose veins and diabetes
  • People who have recently gotten surgery
  • The bed-ridden or have a hard time moving their legs
  • With occupations that require them to stand all-day
  • Athletes and pregnant women

Are you in need of compression stockings? Head on to our independent pharmacy in North Carolina. We at Lakeside Pharmacy will make sure to cater to your varying needs to keep your body healthy.

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