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Diabetes Care Products and Supplies

diabetes-care-products-and-suppliesBecause our pharmacists and our staff meet patients with diabetes on a far more frequent basis than other healthcare providers, we can identify individuals who are at high risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes. To lower their risk, we can provide lifestyle advice and appropriate action. Lakeside Pharmacy provides quality Medical Supplies in Huntersville, North Carolina, and other pharmacy services. 

We extend our Pharmaceutical Services in North Carolina to those who have undetected diabetes and recommend them to a doctor for a diabetes test, as well as answer inquiries regarding diabetes and other health issues. We also provide advice on how to take medicines and other diabetes-related items properly. 

The Diabetic Supplies that we offer and provide are beneficial because they help reduce the risk of complications by detecting diabetes early and helping to control the risk factors for complications.

Most pharmacies, particularly those with skilled and certified staff, provide a wide selection of products to assist persons with diabetes and provide their Specific Medications for managing their disease and preventing complications.

We can also refer our customers or clients to professionals who can provide them with diabetes screening services. We know a good network of healthcare professionals or doctors to ensure that more and more people will have their diabetes risk assessed. Choose our Independent Pharmacy today.

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