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Are Your Medications Working as They Should?

are-your-medications-working-as-they-shouldWe use a wide range of medications to aid in the healing process. Medication is a major part of individual and public health. However, to make the most of these medications, we need to do our part.

As we provide pharmaceutical services in North Carolina, we fully understand that medications may not work always. A range of factors can compromise their effectiveness, which affects our healing. Let’s discuss some factors that affect your medication’s effectiveness.

  • Poor Or Improper Storage

    Your medications may lose their effectiveness when exposed to certain environmental factors. This is why specific medications have specific storage instructions. Failing to follow these storage instructions can hurt the quality of your drugs, which eventually leads to their ineffectiveness.

  • Drug Interactions

    Some medications may also interact with other substances in your body. Your drugs can interact with other drugs or substances found in your food.

    In many cases, your medications may not work properly when interacting with other substances. Be sure to raise your concerns and questions about your drugs next time you visit your independent pharmacy.

  • Poor Medication Adherence

    Of course, failing to adhere to your medical provider’s instructions on how to take your medications will compromise their effectiveness. The same effect can occur when you misuse or abuse your medications. Many pharmacies now offer auto RX refills to help you take your medications consistently.

Our products and services here at Lakeside Pharmacy can help you ensure safe and effective medication treatment. We provide a range of medications and medical supplies in Huntersville, North Carolina, to facilitate better healing. Feel free to call us with any questions!


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