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Is Self-Medication an Ideal Habit to Practice?

is-self-medication-an-ideal-habit-to-practiceMedications are necessary for healing. A number of them address the root cause of our health conditions, and most of these medications are effective ways to control our symptoms. Many individuals will be on prescription plans to supplement their healing. But almost all of us take OTC medications as well.

Providing pharmaceutical services in North Carolina has allowed us to understand that many individuals practice self-medication, especially when using OTC medications. This practice can be difficult to avoid. Let us discuss the possible harmful effects of self-medication.

  • Harmful Complications

    While medications are powerful for healing, they are still foreign substances when misused. By self-medication, one increases the likelihood of missing medications.

    As an independent pharmacy, we know that misusing medications can lead to complications that exacerbate existing health conditions. The use of these drugs can even lead to death.

  • Drug Interactions

    Taking medications without consulting a highly qualified pharmacist or health provider can also increase your risk of drug interactions. These interactions can happen when your medications interact with other substances in your body. Drug interactions can be avoided with the help of a health professional.

  • Absence Of Proper Medical Guidance And Treatment

    Furthermore, continuing to take medications without talking to health providers deprives you of proper care. Not only are you not addressing your health conditions, but you are also increasing your risk of related health complications.

Lakeside Pharmacy has the people, resources, and products to ensure safe and successful medication treatment. We also provide medical supplies in Huntersville, North Carolina, to complement your healing needs. Feel free to call us if you have any questions!


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