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Scientist Work on Supposed Coronavirus Vaccine

Scientist Work on Supposed Coronavirus Vaccine

Since it first emerged in December, the 2019 coronavirus has infected more than 31,400 people and continues to spread throughout the world, according to the recent numbers from CNN. And as the outbreak has reached the pandemic status, researchers from all over the world are on the hunt to formulate a vaccine against the coronavirus, with labs set up from the suburbs of Philadelphia to the UK.

According to Reuters, Robin Shattock, Head of mucosal infection and immunity at Imperial College London, one vaccine will enter the animal testing stage. With the right funding, the scientist hopes to begin human studies over the summer – much faster than the normal vaccine process.

Another vaccine formulated by Inovio Pharmaceuticals, a Philadelphia-based biotech lab, is also in the works, according to Philadelphia Magazine. The lab is reportedly using a $9 million grant to test a unique immunotherapy approach, also on an accelerated development schedule.

This does not mean that we are close to solving the outbreak of the COVID-19. However, the research sparked by the recent coronavirus disease may be extremely helpful for future similar outbreaks.

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