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Top 7 Health Essentials for Diabetes Patients

Top 7 Health Essentials for Diabetes Patients

Do you have a family member diagnosed with diabetes? If you do, then you know how this illness requires them to make long-term management practices. This means that your loved one will need a regular set of supplies and practices to have proper diabetes management.

Our Retail Pharmacy in North Carolina has a dedicated service for patients with diabetes. If you have questions or are in need of supplies, you can visit or contact us. But what are the essentials of a diabetic patient? Here are seven of these essentials.

  1. Glucose Test Strips
    These strips are important for you to read your sugar level on a regular basis. Your doctor might require you to get a record of your glucose levels for the whole week. These strips are what you will need to know your sugar level.
  2. Blood Pressure Monitor
    Diabetic patients also need to have regular monitoring of their blood pressure. If they have diabetes, their risk of heart problems increases. Their BP can give signs if they are prone to heart diseases. To look for quality BP monitors, visit any Specialty pharmacy.
  3. Cholesterol Check
    Along with BP, diabetic patients also need to check their cholesterol levels. This check can be part of a yearly routine. Yet, it is also essential to have this test when the doctor recommends it.
  4. Eye Screening
    The eyes are one of the organs that can be affected by diabetes complications. Some diabetic patients can even have permanent blindness when there is a lack of eye screening. Take your loved one to their eye specialist on a regular basis.
  5. Evaluation of Foot/Legs
    Your loved one with diabetes also needs to have regular assessment of their feet and legs. When the legs get wounded, even a blister can be difficult to heal for a diabetic. If possible, get them diabetic shoes or compression stockings that can improve their condition. Ask us about these supplies in our Independent pharmacy.
  6. Kidney Tests
    Accompany your loved one to get a kidney test as well. Kidney defects may not be detected easily. Yet, regular tests can help you spot early signs of possible kidney problems. Early detection can lead to early treatments.
  7. Dietary Recommendations
    Consult with a licensed dietician for your loved one’s diet. Because of their diabetes, they will need to be watchful of what they eat so they can control their weight. The absence of this can lead to complications.

As a Pharmacy in Huntersville, North Carolina, we are here to help you with your needs for diabetes care. If you have questions about diabetes meds, don’t hesitate to inquire from our pharmacists at Lakeside Pharmacy.

Because we are part of your healthcare team, we encourage you to talk to us if you have difficulties in managing your loved one’s diabetes. Whether you need support or additional Pharmaceutical Services, we will help you find a way to address these needs.

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